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Moving To a Senior Living Community During The Holidays? It Might Be a Better Idea Than You Think

“I just want one more Christmas at home.” 

Moving into a senior living community is already a complex and complicated decision. Many seniors don’t want to have the conversation (we can help with that!), especially around the holidays. If you’re an adult child considering senior living for your parent, grandparent, or other loved one, you may have heard the objection above, among other objections. It begs the question, when is it the right time to move?  It’s a problematic question many elders and adult children face as their parents age. While many seniors appear happy and healthy in their homes, there may be signs that moving to a senior living community may be right for them. It may even improve their quality of life! And, moving during the holidays might be a better idea than you think. 

Starting The Conversation

If senior living is already on your radar, you should be having conversations about moving. Bringing the idea of senior living up early also means bringing it up before it is needed. This allows for more autonomy in decision-making, and planning ahead also eases everyone’s anxiety. Too often, families have these conversations under duress after an unexpected illness or an accident. During the holidays, you are more likely to be around your family. Take advantage of this opportunity to have these important conversations with your parents, siblings, and other family members, which will impact this decision. 

Your Loved One's Situation

Loneliness & Seasonal Affective Disorder 

First, consider your loved one’s actual situation. The holiday season is incredibly busy, and while you may have time to visit for dinner or exchange gifts, there is probably plenty of time for your parent to be alone. Loneliness, depression, and seasonal affective disorder are very real and can significantly impact your parent’s mood and happiness. Emotions are heightened around the holidays, positive and negative, meaning any sadness may be exponentially higher this time of year. In a senior living community, your loved one is never alone! Other residents quickly become neighbors and friends. Plenty of events always keep them happy, healthy, and busy! We are dedicated to our value of socialization!

Starting a New Tradition

Next, think about your parents’ desire to stay at home. Are they going to be overwhelmed planning an expensive dinner party or gathering? While it may be tradition to go home for the holidays, why not start a new tradition this year? Host your holiday gathering in your home, or have everyone visit our community! We have spacious dining rooms and gathering spaces available for your celebrations. Ease the burden from everyone this year by gathering in a Tradition’s community. 

Finding the Right Room & Community

Finally, many other families may be in a similar situation to yours—waiting. That means the supply is greater, and there may be more options for your parents to choose from. Take advantage of this! You may be more likely to get the exact room in the community with the exact view you want. 

Joining a Community & Making Connections

Moving to a senior living community during the holidays means your parents are welcomed into a community where everyone is happy, and the community is bustling with cheer. Your parents will meet new people and make friends during this cheerful holiday season. Events like pictures with Santa, holiday feasts, and craft bazaars make this an exciting time to move in! 

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