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Jaylin Smith Featured Employee of the Month June 2024

Meet Jaylin Smith, Traditions' Featured Employee of the Month! Jaylin was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has been a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Meadow Brook Senior Living for three months.

"I admire my mother, Delonda. She was a single parent who raised me and my two older siblings, Aaliyan and Joey. They moved to Arizona recently; I'm the only one in Indiana, except my grandma, with whom I'm very close. She has dementia, so I help take care of her when I'm not working."

When Jaylin isn't working, he enjoys shopping, playing with his Xbox, catching up on sleep, and hanging out with his three dogs, Bella, Lily, and Kody. He also loves spending time with his newly built family, his best friend, Kiasia, and her mother, Kyesha.

When asked about his unique abilities, Jaylin modestly replied, "I'm not sure if it's a talent, but I have a knack for reading people's energy."

Jaylin went on to say, "The best part of my job is our residents! I absolutely LOVE hearing their amazing life stories, what they did for work before they retired, and who their favorite grandchild is. I LOVE what I do," said Jaylin.

"The most rewarding part of my job is when a Memory Care Resident remembers my name. It's a small gesture, but it's a sign that I'm making a difference in their lives. I have four residents that greet me, and it fills me with joy. It's a reminder that I'm on the right path!"

"We are delighted to recognize Jaylin Smith as Meadow Brook Senior Living's Employee of the Month," said Allison Roskam, Meadow Brook Senior Living's Executive Director. "As a Certified Nursing Assistant, Jaylin consistently goes above and beyond in providing compassionate and dedicated care to our residents. His unwavering commitment to excellence, paired with his warm and empathetic demeanor, has profoundly impacted his colleagues and the individuals he cares for. Jaylin's ability to bring joy and comfort to those around him embodies the true spirit of Meadow Brook Senior Living. We proudly celebrate Jaylin's outstanding contributions and dedication to our community. Congratulations, Jaylin, and thank you for all that you do!