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My Mom and Dad came to Meadow Brook after my Dad had several falls. We had to put Mom in memory care and Dad in Assisted. The love and attention that they have received is above and beyond our expectations. Care I could not provide because of the complexities. Meadow Brook embraced all the challenges and to my Mom she thinks she is in heaven. I thank God every day that we found such a caring and loving facility.
— Mary M.
Amazing facility!! It has been over 1 year that my mother and father moved to Meadow Brook Senior Living, and it was the best move they ever made. The facility itself is warm and inviting, but it is the people that make Meadow Brook stand out. From the time you enter the doors and are greeted by the concierge desk, to the aids, nurses, management, food service and maintenance staff - they care for my parents and share in their lives daily. It wasn’t long, after my parent’s arrival, that my mother’s dementia progressed to a level that she needed additional care. Her transition to the Memory Care location was seamless and exactly what she needed. My father walks down to visit her twice a day, and then returns to assisted living, knowing that she is loved and cared for. This is a tremendous stress relief, off my father and a burden of care that is passes on to the staff. Megan Clark is the Memory Care Director and is the absolute best at running a great facility. Her daily/weekly communication and care toward both of my parents is second to none. Her relationship with my parent’s has become very much like that of a family member. I can’t say enough positive things about Meadow Brook Assisted living. My parents are happy, and for that I am forever grateful.
— Ray R. (Google Reviews)
I cannot say enough good things about the Memory Care unit and team at Meadow Brook. My father has thrived and enjoys the day to day activities and interaction from the team members. We had several options to choose from and we know with 100% certainty that we landed in the best place. I highly recommend the Meadow Brook Memory Care unit if you are considering a long term care facility for your loved one.
— Michelle T.
Meadow Brook is a fantastic place to work. I am at the concierge desk during the day and get to see and hear first hand everything going on in the community. I enjoy coming in to work each day and think Meadow Brook is the nicest place I have worked regarding cleanliness, fun loving team, and the residents and their families. The leadership team is helpful and supportive. They aren't above any tasks and everyone is treated as equals no matter what department. I have even seen Mauree the Executive Director working as a housekeeper cleaning restrooms. She supports everyone and is a great leader for all. The Business office manager Kearston is my supervisor and a great resource when I need her. She is supportive and caring. The caregiver staff are attentive to residents needs and its really nice to see the way they interact with them. Michelle and Stephanie are amazing caregivers and such a joy to work with. I am thrilled to be invited into this community each day to help support the Meadow Brook team and serve the residents that call Meadow Brook home.
— Christy W.
My mom has been a resident of Meadow Brook for about nine months and we could not be happier. Mauree and staff are very caring and make the living experience awesome, wouldn’t choose another place.
— Dan C.
This is an excellent place. They were extremely helpful during the move in process. The staff were able to answer all of our questions. They were attentive to the challenges that my loved one has had. They have been accommodating to make my loved one more comfortable in the community. My loved one loves the food and thinks it is excellent. There are performers, happy hour, puzzles, multicultural food and lectures, and more for activities for the residents to choose from.
— T. S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We are grateful for the care my sister received at Meadow Brook. She was well cared for and supported during the end of her life. She was kept engaged socially and respected as an individual. We never saw staff on their phones or sitting around, rather being productive and attentive toward her needs as well as others'.
— Gregory B.
My wife's and her sister's 99-year-old mother [has been] a resident for several years now and we are so pleased we selected Meadow Brook location for help with her care. The care and concern for her well-being has always been good, and upon Traditions Management's selection to provide facility leadership a year ago, we had the opportunity to witness the added value their approach [brought] to caring for the residents as they begin to require more help. The Executive Director provides exemplary leadership and maintains staffing that has the same focus and dedication to 'Residents First,' as well as their family and friends. As the family-selected caregiver, they actively keep me informed of all matters and [I] sleep well knowing she is getting the best service at a reasonable monthly charge.
— David J.
Meadow Brook has been a God-send for my family. My Dad (who has Alzheimer’s Dementia) was not getting the care he needed at his prior residence. So much so, that when the lovey folks at Meadow Brook stated he needed to be in Memory Care, I was shocked and honestly, not my best self. Mauree and her team were so patient with me, even when I was highly defensive and scared. Mauree and Megan truly care about their residents and do everything they can to be fair and equitable while also making it a special stay for your family. I owe a lot to them…and I’m so blessed and grateful they are in our lives.
— David J.
I am very happy with the care my husband has been given at Meadow Brook! He loves the activities being provided. Clay salutes Jim as a veteran every time he sees him. Jim will smile for the rest of the day! Megan Clark has also been a blessing. She is always there to provide guidance and answers to questions. I appreciate all the help and understanding she gives me. I am learning about Alzheimer's as the disease progresses. This is such a hard time in any caregiver's life. I try to remember all the good times my husband and I had in the last 54 years! He is a good man. I have been fulfilled with many blessings!
— Julie B.
Staff helpful & friendly.
— Alice Z.
Meadow Brook Senior Living was a very positive place. I visited three facilities altogether, and that was probably the nicest of the three. I saw a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment that was 480 square feet. The floor plan was very nice. It had a large bathroom and the fact that you can take your own furniture makes it much more special for the individual that would be residing there. Clay did a very excellent job. He was very personable, took me on a tour of the entire facility, and showed me the actual memory care section as well (in case that would be needed down the road). The dining area was also quite nice and well laid out. I was impressed with the fact that when the diners come in at noon, they have the main suggested dinner on a tray so that they can come in and see what it's like, and then they can make that choice or they can go through the menu and choose whatever they would like. He also showed me the movie room where they play movies. There was a group that was playing some kind of a game while I was there. Yesterday was quite a nice day, around 70 degrees, so there were a few residents that were outside walking.
— Kurt (Caring.com)
5 Star Review — Vicki B.
I can't say enough wonderful things about this place. My father was in the memory care unit and he received wonderful care during his time there. The people working there were so caring. We were truly blessed to have chosen Meadow Brook Senior Living for my father.
— Carren C.
I think it is a great location for me. They take good care of my loved one. They answer all of my questions. They came together for an overall review after 30 days to review any concerns I may have had. I was pleased with the outcome.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Outstanding facility!! Wonderful staff that keeps you informed and up to date on the care of your loved ones. The staff becomes members of your family and treats each resident as members of their own families. I will always be grateful for all that [you] have done for my parents as well as for me.
— Donnie W.
I wanted to say how wonderful Meadow Brook has been for my Relatives who live there. They live them like family! Wanted to especially thank the executive director Mauree and the move in coordinator Clay. They go above and beyond!
— Jennifer K.
My husband and I lived here at Meadow Brook for a year and when we decided that we really needed assisted living we moved right back! The staff is so kind and caring and always lets us know they are here for us! Mauree, our Executive Director, steps in and assists in any area needed whether it be housekeeping, food service, administrative work or as an LPN passing out meds. She is so polite and caring and professional with residents, staff and visitors. We are super happy with Meadow Brook!
— Beverly Q.
The memory care unit at Meadow Brook is the homiest place I have ever had the privilege to work, [especially as a partner] caring for their residents! The Memory Care Director, Megan, is top notch. She cares deeply for her staff, and the residents are her family. She educates her staff on diseases of the mind so they can give the best care to the residents. She [also] makes sure that each resident's story is shared with the staff so they truly feel like family and they see the residents as the beautiful, unique, interesting people they are. Would highly recommend if your loved one needs memory care.
— Wendy U.
I have worked with Meadow Brook for many years as a competitor and now a healthcare partner. The building itself is impressive and elegant, but the staff is even better! Working hand-in-hand with Megan, Mauree, Brown, Kearston and their amazing nursing staff each week is wonderful. They make sure their resident and family needs are top priority. I would recommend this location to anyone looking for safe and excellent healthcare in the Hamilton County area.
— Amanda R.
My mom has moved into Meadow Brook Senior Living. I was just there this morning. We chose it because it just had a smaller memory care unit than some of the others that had really large ones. I got lost in there myself, so I thought this one was better. The staff was doing a good job, so far. The place is very clean, very well laid out, and seems like it's very well thought out. I just like the way it was set up. It looks like they have little apartments. The memory care residents do crafts and physical activities every day.
— Kirk (Caring.com)
5 Star Review — Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Meadow Brook is a lovely community with many great amenities. A bistro, green house, movie theater, etc. But it is their management team that should keep Meadow Brook at the top of your options in Fishers!
— Dave H. (Caring.com)
Meadow Brook Senior Living was very clean and very inviting. The common areas were homey. They did a nice job in their decor. The staff was wonderful. I could see even the residents interacting like one man was helping set the plates for dinner or lunch or whatever, he wanted to do it. They were doing some activities when I was there. They were involved. They didn't have kitchens in the units. They had a complete kitchen downstairs, that if the resident wanted to bake cookies or cook, they have total access to a nice kitchen. They had a piano, which my mom's a musician, so she would have made use of that. If my parents were ready for this facility, I would want something on the backside of the building because the front side has that really busy street. If you have your balcony or patio out there, it's loud. They want to be in the back where it's woodsy and quiet. The staff told me that whenever a new resident comes into a room, they put brand new carpet down. You had to have all three meals prepared, so there was no choice, which some people would like, but my parents aren't like that.
— Elise (Caring.com)
My loved ones have been residents of Meadow Brook Senior Living for over a year now and I our experience although difficult at first because of all the covid restrictions has blossomed into a great one. Especially since Traditions Mgmt has taken over the the community the whole culture has has taken a turn to a very warm atmosphere. The staff and team members are so willing to help in any way they can. They all great you smiles and kind words. The level of care is outstanding. I highly recommend this community for your loved ones.
— Suzy S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
As the caregiver for my mother-in-law for several months, I recently witnessed how blessed she is and we are to be in assisted living at Meadow Brook in Fishers. At 99, she had to be rushed to the emergency room. She is now [recovered] to most likely return to her home, Meadow Brook. The staff provide proactive support and care for her well being. Executive Director Mauree Priest's compassionate leadership and follow-up vigilance as issues arose was nothing short of excellent. Her preparedness and openness to discuss any questions and concerns, as well as proactive informational messages gives me comfort in my wife's, sister's and my decision to initiate assisted living at Meadow Brook.
— Walter K.
Meadow Brook is a lovely community with many great amenities - bistro, greenhouse, movie theatre, etc. But it is their management team that should keep Meadow Brook at the top of your options in Fishers.
— Dave H. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We have toured several places and this one stands out! The moment we walked in we were greeted by an upbeat person at the front desk. As we walked through the community, everyone we encountered was so warm and welcoming. The building was very clean, updated and well maintained. The apartments are beautiful and spacious. There were no odors anywhere like other places we have visited. What stood out the most to us was how the Executive Director of Meadow Brook took the time to meet us and learn about our loved one. We have not experienced this at any other senior living facility. She thanked us for visiting and gave us her card to reach out to her directly if we had any questions.
— Jill B.
We moved my Grandmother here about 4 months ago. We had no idea where to start in finding assisted living and it was brought on so quickly after she fell. The staff there held our hand the entire way! They did such an amazing job keeping Covid out of the community when so many other homes had outrageous amounts of cases and deaths. They had their first cases this last month, only a couple residents were diagnosed and have ensured it did not spread by acting quickly. Thank you so much for all you do to keep her healthy and safe, but most importantly for treating her as if she is your family too! We are so happy we chose Meadow Brook!
— Ashleigh H.
We chose Meadow Brook out of a couple other places. We got in contact with one of the directors and she was so very helpful and informative about this facility. The more I talked to her it just felt right. Between my mom who is in Memory Care and a sister with disabilities in the facility we have had good and positive experiences. They are very helpful when we call asking how each one is doing and taking care of problems when they need something. With COVID-19 this year, it's been especially hard not being able to see them as much or be in their rooms, but the staff has been very accommodating. I would highly recommend Meadow Brook.
— Ronda (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The staff at Meadow Brook is very attentive and adaptable to their residents' needs. They always go above and beyond the norm to provide exceptional service. Great work Meadow Brook!!
— Chalise J.
During Covid my mother was tired of being isolated and alone. The idea of Assisted Living at this point in time was very frightening but I've been very pleased with Meadow Brook. I feel they are very kind and caring. The safety measures have given me peace of mind that she's protected the best she can be. She's enjoyed interacting with staff and residents each day and having activities to attend. She seems much happier than when she was home alone. I'm thankful for the attention and care Meadow Brook has provided for my loved one.
— M. F. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My husband and I had been looking for a place for his mother. We researched 27 assisted living facilities and toured 7 of those. Meadow Brook was among the very top! Thank You for all you help! I would definitely recommend this facility!!"
— Therese T.
My siblings and I moved our precious mother into Meadow Brook about two months ago. Moving her from her home, that she had lived in for 65 years, into assisted living wasn't an easy decision, but it was the right one. After carefully researching and touring many facilities, we chose Meadow Brook and have not regretted our decision at all. All of the wonderful things that we were told during our orientation are true. The staff, from the director on down is excellent. The food is delicious, building is clean, medical care is easily accessible and the residents appear to be happy. We're glad that Mom is living at Meadow Brook.
— Janet H.
I visited 17 senior/assisted living facilities looking for a place for my mother after she broke her hip. Meadow Brook was my choice. All the staff are kind and generous with their time and knowledge. Derek Burton, director of community relations, gave me a tour of the facilities and all the amenities Meadow Brook offers. He was considerate and kind and genuinely cared about my mother and me. Edna Domingo, director of Meadow Brook, was a terrific help when my mother was moved from assisted living to the memory care unit. I was out of town and she spent a lot of time on the phone with me during work hours and after work helping to understand what was going on. She was SO PATIENT and when I got back to town, my mom was moved and happy again. Thank you Meadow Brook!!!!!
— Diana D.
The marketing rep, is very knowledgeable and is able to provide info that you need before you ask. Part of that, I'm sure is sales, but we were there during a weekend day and were able to witness the activity, staff interaction and the staffing balance. We were impressed and felt reassured with the entire process of taking the next step in the care of my parents. The overall impression of the facility and personnel was extremely positive.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Meadow Brook is an excellent community. The staff is very cordial and helpful. The food is delicious especially breakfast. Derek Burton is wonderful to work with and is professional, easy going and knowledgeable. I would recommend MEADOW BROOK to families looking for a home for their loved ones.
— Judy K.
Meadow Brook is a beautiful building and the staff is extremely supportive to the Seniors who live there as well as the Adult Children that visit their parents! One of the best buildings on the Northside and one of the best Staff! Edna and Derek really team up well together to assist in all the complexities of day to day life so the Seniors can breeze through their day!
— Dana M.
Meadow Brook is a wonderful community with many amenities. But its best feature is that of the staff. I have been working in the healthcare industry for many years and have not met leading staff quite like that of Meadow Brook. I cannot say enough great things about how they care for their residents and supporting staff.

I hear they also have a great out-patient rehab service right in their community!
— Steven M.
Meadow Brook has recently and warmly welcomed my mom and dad and made the transition from another retirement community in Indianapolis so easy. The staff is exceptional in every aspect from health care to housekeeping to dining and all facets in between. Walking in the front door you immediately feel that every person you encounter - whether it be a resident or staff member - genuinely enjoy being there. Terrific communication, responsiveness and care.
— Michele W.
I have worked with Meadow Brook Senior Living for six years now. I am in the building every month to facilitate caregiver support group. I have consistently heard great compliments about the care provided by staff, particularly in memory care. Families are pleased with the care and responsiveness to needs presented. This community is a gem in Fishers!
— Christina M.

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My mom has been a resident of Meadow Brook for about nine months and we could not be happier. Mauree and staff are very caring and make the living experience awesome, wouldn’t choose another place.
Dan C.
Meadow Brook is a lovely community with many great amenities - bistro, greenhouse, movie theatre, etc. But it is their management team that should keep Meadow Brook at the top of your options in Fishers.
Dave H.
The staff at Meadow Brook is very attentive and adaptable to their residents' needs. They always go above and beyond the norm to provide exceptional service. Great work Meadow Brook!!
Chalise J.